SOXS is the "Missing Link" between OUTLOOK and SharePoint!

SOXS is an add-on for MS OUTLOOK that allows you to drag and drop emails and files to MS SharePoint directly from your mailbox, saving you time and money and improving user adoption of SharePoint.

"A SOXS User saves about 3 minutes when uploading an email to SharePoint!

Uploding 10 emails per day results in a 100% return on investment (ROI) within some days!" 

  • Collaboration:
    Keep team members up to date and avoid unwanted file duplication. Sharing emails and attachments in SharePoint is a breeze with SOXS.
  • Save time and money:
    Attachments and ZIP archives are automatically unpacked when uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Tag:
    Emails and attachments are automatically tagged with email envelope metadata and can be tagged with your custom metadata as well.
  • Integration:
    Work with your favorite SharePoint sites from within OUTLOOK
  • Migration:
    SOXS allows for metadata tagging even with bulk uploads.

White Paper “Manage emails efficiently with SharePoint" : Download